Fond Memories

Here's another memory shared from 50 years past submitted by David Martin:

"I can remember being in my late teens and being a “quilt holder” at either the first or second auction. So that would be 1966 or 1967. My mother Leah Martin from Elmira Mennonite and her sister Barbara Frey from Waterloo Markham Mennonite were helping with the quilt organization in getting the quilts to the auctioneer. My cousin Clarence Frey and myself would hold them up for display during the bidding. Quite a number of years later in the 80s, I worked at MSCU and our CEO Cliff Schott was treasurer of NHMRS. Many of the MSCU staff including myself would help out in the counting room where we handled the cash coming from the many vendors. That was over a number of years. All are fond memories".