Thank you to our generous sponsors. Their support plays a key role in the success of the NHMRS.


Interested in becoming a sponsor or the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale? Contact Justin Armitage at justinarmitage@mcco.ca or 519-745-8458 ext 262.


Auction sponsor

  Black round logo with red lettering of Len's Mill Stores. 



Menno Eats and Treats sponsor

  The words Kindred Credit Union next to 4 arrows pointing in each direction. 



Run for Relief sponsor

  A yellow-orange coloured triangle divided into 3 parts beside the words KLT Wealth Management 

Supporting level partners


 A logo for Domino's pizza, a blue and red dominos tile next to the words Domino's pizza. Proud partner is mentioned underneath.


        BarterPay logo

     Yellow N that turns into a V, and black lettering of Nith Valley Construction.
Sparrow flying over the red word Innovative and in smaller type, "From pixel to print"


Jantzi Electric spelled out with Electric placed beneath Jantzi. All upper case letters. To the left is a lightning symbol to represent electricity.Boshart in blue, with a drop outline in the O, and Industries in orange underneath.  
  McFarlane Trailer Sales written with a background of two checkered flags
 Word Erb written in red with black shadow; the bottom line of the upper case E extends across the whole world to act as an underlineA round logo with the words St. Jacobs Furnishings Est. 1987 Solid Wood. A rustic maple leaf is situation in the centre of the circle. The word Here's How appear next to a square logo with H shapes forming a structure. The word apex in green with a grey peak above it.

Advocate level partners

Light green border and darker green inset; word Herrle's written large and country farm market written below in black border
Hands pour out seed underneath the letters B-W in this logo.  A 3D building in the shape of an H and the words Schiedel Construction in black underneath.

Friend level partners




Core Fuels written in red and black outline and two spherical shapes with red caps on top

Two logos - Yantzi Home Design Smart on top and Home Building Centre below, with a red/yellow square and a white H structure. 


 Red and blue hovering over word Tri-Mech with the dot of the i appearing as a drop.  

 A round logo with two black and white checkered flags. The words Hillcrest Service, automotive, sales, service, towing appear too. Black rectangular logo with Murray Leis Construction written inside.

 Logo of PeaceWorks Technology Solutions, which has the words spelled large, and a blue and grey quilt-like image next to it.
The word Piller's written with an image of a wooden cabin structure above it. Conrad Grebel words in red and University College beneath with a torch on left of the logo. Premier Equipment in black, with the word Rentals in yellow with black border underneath.
A blue background and a blue, white, and red hot air balloon with the word Re/Max on it. David Maund and phone number written beside. A blue rectangular shape with 2 rounded edges and a black marking inside, the words Poole Electric underneath The words Martin Groundworks with the arm of an excavator overhead
 F.K.S. written in upper case large 3D blocks on top line, and Electric written in upper case letters beneath.