Thank you to our generous sponsors. Their support plays a key role in the success of the NHMRS.


Interested in becoming a sponsor or the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale? Contact Justin Armitage at justinarmitage@mcco.ca or 519-745-8458 ext 262.


Auction sponsor

   Round black logo with red lettering  



Menno Eats and Treats sponsor

   Kindred Credit Union Logo  

Grandstand sponsor

   Logo for VCT Group, a colourful ball, and logo for ced co-op, a spiral made of colours. Separated by a plus sign.  

Kid Zone sponsor

   Green triangle with silhouette of a dog and cat and paw prints at the corners.  



Run for Relief sponsor

   A yellow-orange coloured triangle divided into 3 parts beside the words KLT Wealth Management  

Supporting level partners


Black lettering with yellow shape forming an N and V

        BarterPay logo
Word Boshart written in upper case with a water droplet in the O, and the word Industries with orange outline underneath.
     Double lined circle with red maple leaf in middle and "Solid wood" in banner moving horizontally across logo.
Sparrow flying over the red word Innovative and in smaller type, "From pixel to print"
Word Erb written in red with black shadow; the bottom line of the upper case E extends across the whole world to act as an underline

Large upper case letting forms the word Bingemans, and underneath in cursive is the phrase Grand Experiences. Overtop of Bingemans is a grey structure-like building and a blue swirl.


Dark blue banner with white auctioneer gavel on left and outline of airplane on right with words M.R. Jutzi & Co in centre 

Red lettering and blue outline around McFarlane with black and white checkered flag in background

Advocate level partners

 Windmill inside red oval with blue outline on the left hand side, and the word Weitzel in the centre, and Pumps and Water Treatment underneath it.  A 3D structure with shadow to represent a building, and the word Schiedel beneath it in upper case letters  Painted image of historic house with three figures in conservative dress, farm animals and a horse and buggy
Light green border and darker green inset; word Herrle's written large and country farm market written below in black border
Rectangular logo with bottom in shape of funnel and image of two hands holding grain.  Yellow border with red filled and white shape of 2 H letters forming a house shape. Words Here's How.

Friend level partners


 Yantzi's Home Design Smart written on top, below Home in black and building centre in red

Blue and grey grid next to grey wording PeaceWorks technology Solutions


 Black background with white and gold lettering  

Tim Hortons hand written in red with 3 city names below.

 Orange and black symbol with lightning bold in it and words Jantzi Electric in upper case lettering

 Red and blue hovering over word Tri-Mech with the dot of the i appearing as a drop.  

Blue oval shape with opposite pointed corners and the words Poole Electric underneath.
 Black background. In centre a sphere with an S shape moving through and Smith Creek written below.  Core Fuels written in red and black outline and two spherical shapes with red caps on top

 Bird figure and feather forming shape of bowl on a stand with red looking flames out the top. Words Conrad Grebel in red, and University College below