My Coins Count

My Coins Count .... a little can do a lot!

A few coins plus a few more coins plus a few more coins adds up to alot of coins! And when a lot of coins are put together they can make big changes:

  • $10 provides food for a family of 7 for one week in Kenya
  • $26 give a student the required school uniform and helps buy math, science, history and language workbooks
  • $48 provides irrigation for garden plots growing fruits and vergetables for one family in Bolivia
  • $51 helps cover 3 months of anti-retroviral treatment for a person in Nigeria suffering from AIDS

Join in the fun by collecting coins throughout the year then bring them to the My Coins Count tent and watch the mountain of coins grow!

Keep the pile growing by dropping your change into the My Coins Count boxes located at booths at the Sale.