Generosity Enables Bigger Impact

Long before the first visitors arrive at the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale (NHMRS), the fairgrounds is busy with volunteers unloading fryers, distributing tables and chairs, and setting up food venues. Amidst all this activity, a team of 10 or 12 electricians (who are also volunteers) ensure that electrical wires and receptacles are run to many of the different tents.

In the past, electrical equipment was rented for the NHMRS in order to distribute a network of electricity throughout the fairgrounds. As the NHMRS grew in area, and safety requirements became more stringent, the cost of renting the equipment became more significant. About a year ago, the NHMRS applied for and received some funds from the Shantz Memorial Fund. With these funds, the NHMRS was able to purchase some electrical equipment which will be useful at sales for many years to come. Purchasing this equipment rather than renting it, reduces expenses and allows NHMRS to forward more funds to MCC on the day of the Sale.

The organizers of the Sale are very grateful that because of the generosity of others we have been able to make this purchase and are able to make the NHMRS more profitable.