Now, That's Dedication!

In honour of our 50th year, we're sharing stories from past sales. This story was submitted by Marlies Boldt.

Back in 1972, Helmut Boldt, a member of the Board, was in a pinch. It was Friday, May 26, and his first child was overdue. He was in charge of the Relief Sale barbeque pits for the pork-on-a-bun project, and he couldn't get anyone else to get them to New Hamburg. He needed to get to the hospital. What should he do? He dropped his wife off at the hospital and left to do his "job". After 7:00 pm, their baby arrived. A phone call was made to his family and another one to Abe Warkentin, also on the board. An announcement came over the PA system: "Helmut Boldt, you are a father!" Is that dedication, or what?!

There was a funny thing that happened that evening as well. Back then, people had to use portable toilets. A volunteer was in one when she heard men's voices approaching. They were re-positioning the toilets. She kept quiet and the next thing she felt was the toilet being lifted up! One of the men commented, "This sure is a heavy one". She stayed in it until she heard no more noise and then quietly left the area. Such excitement for a volunteer!

Submitted by Marlies Boldt, Helmut's widow