Tea Balls

“I have attended most of the sales, but not quite all. We have been making tea balls since the sale began. I remember we used to have a booth at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival and sold tea balls there. The money we made there went toward the expenses of our tea ball project at the relief sale. During the first years, we used to be in the main building in the left corner at the far end. We did not have the good set-up we now have. One of the first years when we were inside, we had an accident. One of the table legs gave way and spilled some hot grease on a few of the ladies that were helping, causing some anxious moments and some discomfort for a time. After a few years they moved us out into a tent which is much nicer since there isn’t the congestion there used to be inside.”

-by Adeline Martin, 1991