Outdoors Auction

The Outdoors Auction starts at 10:00 am on Saturday morning and is located to the south of the grandstand.

Donations of new items will be gratefully accepted. Contact Darrell or Ross in the "Outdoors Auction" category of our Contact Form.

This beautifully restored 1959 Ferguson Tractor T035 will be up for auction at the relief sale on May 26th. A big thank you to Brian Cook of Home of Spare Parts who donated the Tractor, Northeast Hope Antique Tractor Breakfast Club who restored it and Bumper to Bumper for putting it on display in their store. Please check out the restoration images in the news feed.    
 Mervin Roth of New Hamburg became aware that the Breakfast Tractor Club was restoring the Ferguson 35 Deluxe tractor and became very interested. As a collector of many things, including model pedal tractors (models of real tractors) this inspired Mervin to donate a close replica of the Ferguson 35 Deluxe Tractor, the Ferguson 35 Special pedal tractor to the relief sale. We hope to auction the restored Ferguson with his pedal model off one after the other. Thanks Mervin!    

 This gas powered golfcart was generously donated by McFarlane Trailer Sales!


Dewalt String Trimmer donated by Millbank Country Hardware


 Ploughmans Choice Compost! 100% composted cattle manure. Perfect for your flowerbeds and garden!

We will also be auctioning off a 1 yard tote of bulk Ploughmans Choice compost.


Come out and make this BBQ yours!






 Backpacks etc. 


Outdoor Auction Items

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