$50,000 for 50 Years fund raising initiative

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that as of July 2015, the world had 59.5 million refugee or displaced people. Ten years ago that number was estimated to be 37.5 million. In recent times a significant number of refugees have been fleeing the civil war in Syrian, and in the last six months, Canada has promised to accept 25,000 of those refugees.

MCC has been a major supporter of the refugee resettlement efforts in Canada, and has initiated extra efforts to support the immigration of Syrian refugees to our country.

In recognition of the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale’s 50th event this year, the coordinating committee suggested that the Relief Sale attempt to raise additional funds which will be targeted specifically to help the displaced people in Syria. We are initiating a special fundraising activity for the Syrian cause called $50,000 for 50 Years. The intention is to solicit for donations from Relief Sale patrons for this cause. We will be setting up a donation station within our 50th Sale Tent.

Please help us reach this goal, so that we can help MCC welcome these people displaced and looking for a safe place to live.