Rebranding of New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale

After the 2015 sale the Sale Committee started to look at what we needed to do for the 50th sale. One of the ideas that we approved was that we should refresh the look and feel of our brand. We asked Innovative Designs from Millbank to provide us with a new visual identity for our organization. The result is being used in all our promotional material, website and facebook site. Trevor Martin, Graphic Designer for Innovative, describes the brand as follows:

The primary goal of the NHMRS logo redesign, was to create a fresh, authentic, and more current visual identity for the organization. Not only was it important that the updated logo's visual appearance would be improved, but that it would also accurately express the values and overall personality of the Relief Sale from past, present, to future.

The concept underlying the logo design is based on the craft/quilt, and country flavour that the sale has established, while also conveying an artistic flair. The intertwined pattern surrounding the star shape, also creates the appearance of a united effort. It represents the collaborative strength of different Mennonite denominations coming together for one important cause.

The Relief Sale thanks to Innovative for their wonderful work!