State of Grace

Sale number: 175
Sale year: 2018
Quilt type: Bed quilt


Designed by: Daniela Stout, Cozy Quilt Designs
Quilted by: Elmira Needle Sisters Quilt Guild
Donated by: , Deborah Beirnes

State of Grace was made as a sample for a "Sassy Strippers" class taught by Deb Beirnes at Reichands The Quilters Store in St Jacob's, Ontario. Each month for 10 months, ten ladies learned a new technique using 2 1/2" wide fabric strips resulting in a combined total of 100 quilts. This quilt took 110 hour to hand quilt and 2400 stitches to hand bind. A coordinating pillowcase accompanies the quilt.

Quilting method: Hand quilted
Construction: Pieced
Primary colours: Cream, Green, Red
Sleeved: No
Size: 80" x 63"
Quilt material: Cotton
Lining material: Cotton
Batting material: 100% Polyester