Jan's Crazy Wild Geese Chase

Sale number: 176
Sale year: 2018
Quilt type: Bed quilt


Quilted by: First Mennonite WMCEC
Donated by: , Grace Bauman Weber

When my sister, Jan McArdle, moved to her condo I offered to make a sofa quilt for her. Jan has traveled to many countries and has a collection of blankets from her travels.
She suggested I made the quilt and donate it to the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale. I added extra blocks to make it a single bed size.
I provided the name for the quilt.
The pattern is from the book "Urban Country Quilt" by Jeanne Large and Shelly Wicks.

Quilting method: Hand quilted
Construction: Pieced
Primary colours: Multicoloured, Brown
Sleeved: No
Size: 89" x 73"
Quilt material: Cotton
Lining material: Cotton
Batting material: 100% Polyester