"Bugs" Beautiful

Sale number: 327
Sale year: 2020
Quilt type: Lap quilt


Designed by: Colleen Grotke
Quilted by: Creative Sisters Quilt Studio
Donated by: , Sylvia Kalmar

I didn't know what to do with a piece of fabric that had all these lovely bugs on it. Until I came across this design in a magazine, 'Quilting Quickly'. The design was made by Colleen Grotke.

I enjoyed using all the colours but most of all I began thinking about the bugs themselves. Decades ago I remember more butterflies, the sound of cicadas and the chirps of crickets and how comforting it was. In the past few years because of climate change the silence is disturbing.

Quilting method: Machine quilted
Construction: Pieced
Primary colours: Multicoloured, Purple
Sleeved: No
Size: 85" x 61"
Quilt material: Cotton
Lining material: Cotton
Batting material: 80%/20% Cotton/poly