Sale number: 92
Sale year: 2017
Quilt type: Wall quilt


Designed by: Tonya Alexander
Quilted by: Toni Kok
Donated by: , Toni Kok

I love happy quilts, but most of all I love scrap quilts. This pattern had both. My husband and I have come to this auction for more than 20 years off and on. Some years something else is up. I was just a beginner quilter then. To this date I have made 351 quilts. The fabric used in this quilt were gifted to me as many small scraps which was great because this pattern only called for 5 inch square pieces. My garbage can is very hungry because I don't feed it very much. This is my first time helping out your relief sale. Thanks for the invite. Toni Kok

Quilting method: Machine quilted
Construction: Machine Appliqued, Pieced
Primary colours: Multicoloured, White
Sleeved: Yes
Size: 36" x 35"
Quilt material: Cotton
Lining material: Cotton
Batting material: 100% Cotton