Log Cabin Variation

Sale number:


Sale year: 2024
Quilt type: Bed quilt


Designed by: Sheila Durksen
Donated by: Sheila Durksen
Quilting method: Hand quilted
Construction: Pieced
Primary colours: Brown, Cream, Tan
Sleeved: Yes
Size: 101" x 99"
Top material: 100% Cotton
Backing material: 100% Cotton
Batting material: 100% Polyester
Submission notes:

Pre-Priced Quilt - $350. Log cabin pattern made with the Jean Ann Wright Log Cabin Trim Tool. The layout of the blocks was my idea. Dated 2014 - Liked the quilt and the colors so I kept it to enjoy visually. Cleaning up my sewing room stash and have to say goodbye.