Fall Splendor

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Karen Gingerich


Keith Baldrey, long arm quilter

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59 x 75


Pieced by Linda Baldrey

This quilt was lovingly made for our church mission fund raiser dessert auction for Haiti relief and specifically for funds needed for Jony, a young Haitian boy in need of heart surgery who travelled to Canada to receive the medical procedures not available in Haiti. Jony was able to attend the auction as his surgery was delayed due to dental work and a cold. The quilt was donated by the artists, Linda and Keith Baldrey. Linda pieced and bound while her husband, Keith, machine quilted the twin bed creation. Karen Gingrich, the donor, had already paid handsomely for the quilt pleased to see that money going for such a great cause and now has decided the best use is to have it raise more money for relief through the New Hamburg Relief Sale Quilt Auction. She hopes it brings much joy to the recipient who will know the double good it has done so far!