Quilts to Celebrate Canada 150

Our quilt auction will feature 10 quilt projects highlighting Canada’s past and present. The great variety in the representations in the quilts reflect the great variety across the nation.

#081 "Wild Rose" was made for the first relief sale in 1967 to celebrate Canada's 100th birthday. It has been re-donated this year for Canada's 150th celebration and is a lovely piece of the past.

#004 "Discover Canada" and #150 "Our Canada" are made from fabric specially produced for this celebration. Both quilts are reminders of the vast spread of our country.

#104"This Way", #134 "Maple Leaf Log Cabin" and #136 " Floral Emblems of Canada" have been made from Canadian-themed patterns which show familiar symbols.

#161 "Canada 150" and #174 "Celebrating Our Heritage" remind us of stories we've heard.

#099 "Glorious and Free" and #115 "In Good Company" capture attention with bold designs and are beautifully done. Both are well-suited to display in public spaces. “Glorious and Free” speaks for itself, while “In Good Company” includes the names of the provinces on the quilt.

Our sincere thanks go to the makers of these celebration quilts. You've done Canada truly proud.