Volunteers Needed

Need for Volunteers for 2018

  1. Arena Chairs & Tables Setup:Setup of chairs and tables in the arena in preparation for the Friday evening auctions and for the Quilt Auction on Saturday morning. After the Sale stack up all the chairs, clean up all the garbage and sweep the floor.
    1. Volunteer needs:
      1. 3-4 people for 2 hours Friday morning;
      2. 3-4 people for 2 hours Saturday afternoon.
  2. Information Booth:Provide volunteers in the information booth. Typically, responsibilities include answering visitor questions, hand out catalogues/pamphlets and help with communication between vendors and Sale Committee.
    1. Volunteer needs:
      1. 2 volunteers per shift;
      2. 2 shifts Friday evening (Filled!)
      3. 3 shifts Saturday (Two morning Shifts on Saturday still available)

Physically demanding work.

  1. Setup at the Sale: Able to help Wednesday evening and Thursday all day at the Sale, helping to setup tables, chairs, grills, etc. This work is physically demanding.
  2. Cleanup at the Sale: Able to help Saturday afternoon to clean up the Sale site. This work is physically demanding.

Please use our Contact Form (https://nhmrs.com/contact) to volunteer or ask for more information.